New Investment And Inventory Clearance

It’s about time to start another round of investment on real estate. I did this last year after finishing up my investment online and getting rid of bunch domains. This is going to be my third year on investing tax lien property, it’s also the first year that I will put 3 times more money and effort into it. I have a huge chance to win the tax lien for the luxury property in the picture in Arizona.
TaxLien Luxury Property

Last year, I was getting 6% return, which is not bad at all. The best part is that the investment is low risk. As long as you have spare money around or know how to get OPM (other people’s money), you can generate extra income year after year. In rare case, you will be able to foreclosure luxury mansion like this in 4 years. You can then turn around to sell the property for huge profit. So far, all the investment I put in haven’t got me a single luxury property. That’s perfectly OK, because it means I got my money back plus the interest at 6%+.

You’ve gotta put the money to work for you!

Become a private money lander is the easiest and fastest way to make money work for you!

I am also getting rid off 8+ domains in 2013. Now I only have less than 20 domains after all. I also start selling all the inventory in my garage, so I can totally get rid of those businesses that don’t perform. What I’ve learned in 2012 is that I was networking with the wrong crowd. Now I have to put myself into the risky game in order to get bigger return.

I shift my business model to a more risky way by using opm and opt to boost my income opportunity and to give away things for free to create the karma. I am partnering with other people that are good at sales and give them more commission than paying myself. All I do is to bring leads to them and they will do the rest to settle the deal. Once the deal is done, I will get 1/4 of whatever they were paid for. Even though I am getting much less than they are, I do have more time to do something else.

I would also like to be known by the target high profile people, who will help me speed up my progress. I was able to meet some very rich people on Google+, where you can find me as well.

To conclude all the above, here are things you can do to speed up your entrepreneur journey.

  1. Invest on Tax Lien with your own or other people’s money – Make money working for you.
  2. Give other people more to give yourself more freedom
  3. Join other people to be known
  4. Focus on things that have potential


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