100 Day Challenge

I am a big G+ fan. I’ve met many great like-minded entrepreneurs on Google+. So I recently started a new Google+ collection called “Startup & Entrepreneurship“. My goal is to share my finding, my progress and hopefully help someone succeed in their life.

Almost 5 years ago, I started an 100 day challenge to change my life. I failed miserably. I am really disappointed by myself. What is even worst is that I still haven’t changed my life 5 years later.

[Update] If you are seeing this post, I’ve discovered a great way to record my progress. I started using Microsoft Sway services to record the my everyday progress and publish it on Docs.com. You can find my progress embedded at the bottom of this post.

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Using QQ Mail For Corporation Email


It’s been a very long time since I pretty much use Gmail to handle all my personal and business emails. I even use Google Domains to host my domains and handle email forwarding. Recently, I have asked by client to setup domain email for their business, which is currently hosted on my GoDaddy VPS server. Normally, I have two ways to setup email for client.

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Why I Choose Microsoft Office 365 + OneDriver Over Google Drive


Recently, I decided to pay for Microsoft Office 365 Personal Edition.  Google Drive is no longer my favorite tool for my day to day operation.  Well. Dropbox don’t even stand a chance.   The main reason to make the switch is that Microsoft Office 365 offer better solution with unlimited space for the cheaper price.

Don’t get me wrong.  I am a big Google Fan.  I pretty much use Google for everything.  I’ve been using Google Drive for a very long time.  Not to mention that I am also a Google Maps Certified Business Photographer.  So I use a lot of disk space on Google Drive to store my photos, gmail attachment and documents.

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Self Improvement With Branded Value

Well. It’s been a while since my last update. I’ve been extremely busy in improving my skillsets to add value to what I do for living. I now am a Google trusted business photographer, which allows me to add extra value to help local business grow. With the 360 degree virtual usage on the rise, general public can take virtual tour on mobile phone or hire professional Google certified photographer to take business inside views. I am now one of the few Google trusted photographer in Phoenix, AZ.

Here is one example to show my favorite bakery and restaurant in Chandler, AZ.

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Simplify Life With Google! Goodbye Apple!

Goodbye Apple

Finally, I get rid of my 20 year old Macintosh PowerMac 6100 computer. That was my second Apple product other than Apple 2. Now I am on my way to get rid of Apple iPhone as well.

In matters of days, I will simplify my life with Google Nexus 5 and many other Google products. As a long term fan of Apple, I realize that Apple did not make my life easier. I have to run my day to day life on two different platforms or even more with Ubuntu/Linux. Simplify life is a must for entrepreneur. With Google, a lot of things can be integrated into few simple tasks and automatically done behind my back.

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New Tricks For The Old Geek

Luminated Image Ad

Well. As much as I know about Internet and make good living online, I often miss something value important. Just about to head out for a hangout meeting, I found someone followed me on my Tumblr LIVE TO TELL blog. I went to check out his/her blog and find something interesting. You can now sell ads or affiliate program on my blog post image. This opens a new world to people like me, who love to share photos. This could be a new income stream for high traffic website.

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Free International Call From A Moving Bus In Taipei

OBI Talk Free International CallIt’s good to come back to my home town, where I grew up and lived for 26 years. Many of the foreign travelers from US may wonder how to call their families or friends in the US. I am actually amazed by the Taipei Gov. Now I can actually dial my my friends in US from any one of the 800+ moving bus in Taipei. With the free Wi-Fi offered by Taipei city government, I can check email, making a free US domestic calls on a moving bus, at major city facilities, hospitals and subway.

I have never heard or seem any city bus in the USA offering free wi-fi. Obviously, Taipei is much more hi-tech than USA. At mean time, you can also enjoy FREE BIKE RIDE in Taipei!

I you are interested in traveling to Taipei and make long distance calls to people live in USA or Canada, you can actually make free calls. Here are the setup you need.

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Free Home Phone Service w Google Voice + Obihai

Would you like to save $30 a month by getting rid of you home phone, getting free domestic long distance call in USA and Canada, plus getting low cost international long distance call to many countries out there?

Best of all, this setup can give you much more freedom and take your home phone to go with you. See how I make Free International calls to USA from a moving bus in Taipei, Taiwan.

I recently decided to get rid of my home phone service with CentryLink. It costs me about $30 a month to include local call and free domestic long distance call that I already have on my cell phone and Google voice. Not to mention that home phone doesn’t include two line and text.

So I bought a Obi 110 phone box and connected it with two Google voice phone numbers (one personal and one business). I now can call anywhere in the world with Google Voice at really low cost or no cost.

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New Investment And Inventory Clearance

It’s about time to start another round of investment on real estate. I did this last year after finishing up my investment online and getting rid of bunch domains. This is going to be my third year on investing tax lien property, it’s also the first year that I will put 3 times more money and effort into it. I have a huge chance to win the tax lien for the luxury property in the picture in Arizona.
TaxLien Luxury Property

Last year, I was getting 6% return, which is not bad at all. The best part is that the investment is low risk. As long as you have spare money around or know how to get OPM (other people’s money), you can generate extra income year after year. In rare case, you will be able to foreclosure luxury mansion like this in 4 years. You can then turn around to sell the property for huge profit. So far, all the investment I put in haven’t got me a single luxury property. That’s perfectly OK, because it means I got my money back plus the interest at 6%+.

You’ve gotta put the money to work for you!

Become a private money lander is the easiest and fastest way to make money work for you!
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