Who Will Be On Your Side?

With the horrible Sandy storm at the east coast and presidential election mass, who is going to stand beside you and back you up? Really. When you think about this deeper, you find no one is on your site. If you don’t help yourself, no one is helping you.

Just today, I got a letter from debt collector claiming my wife owe a chiropractor $2420, whom my wife has never done any business or treatment with. This bring up a good question why my wife’s name is used in this case? I am going to find out next week. I was also trying to do research about what was going on with this issue, I found out that we don’t really have private life any more.

Someone at somewhere is selling your information.

They know where you lived, who your relatives are and who your roommates were. This is beyond scary. As much as I love my online presence, I really live my life offline. I will do whatever to protect my privacy and my own rights. I can’t rely on government or anyone else to protect me.

I will hunt down the person who tried to screw us up. This is also bring up a good question about where your information was sold. I believe there are few place your information and relationship were collected or sold.

  • You fill out the emergency contact on your insurance form, WILL, bank account form, your apartment lease, or hospital patient form.
  • You expose your family or friends by setting up relationship on social media such as Facebook.

In the new Internet era, people can steal your identity without using your social security number. All they have to do is to pretend to be your sister, brother, ex-wife, ex-husband, who can verify your brother, sister, friend’s birthday and place they lived. All these information is now wide open to those people who try to take advantage of you.

I may be paranoid, but I honestly understand those celebrity’s feelings now. I highly recommend you do a research on where your information were used and prevent from been a victim of scam.

I am going to figure out where those $2420 bill came from.

Who will be on your side?


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