The secret of invisible Facebook fanpage : Part 2 : Open Graph

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I have been getting messages on Facebook asking me about the reasons to use invisible Facebook fanpage after I post Part 1 of the secrets.

The short answer is:  Control.

The longer answer is:  Drive traffic to your website and covert your visitors from Facebook on your website.

In part 1, I showed two examples of using invisible Facebook fanpage. Once shows the Facebook social search result of my blog posts. The other one shoes how local businesses were found on Facebook social search. Both search result will lead the visitors to the website directly. In other words, it potentially generates organic search result from Facebook to your website.

Still not sure about invisible Facebook fanpage?

Since every third-party page can be treated as Facebook fanpage, you can simply use that on your Facebook profile as the place you work. For example, I can add the fanpage of my blog as the place I currently work.


As you can see, I am currently working as Lifestyle Entrepreneur at Healthy & Wealthy Living. With one click, it will take the visitor to my website directly. As long as the website is registered on Facebook social search and you are a fan of the page, you can add the page as your work place.

Let’s cut to the chase. How did I add my site to Facebook social search?

The answer is OPEN GRAPH. Open Graph protocol is created by Facebook for one reason only. It will simplify social interaction using the world larges social network database. Open graph contains few lines of meta tag in HTML header. It allows Facebook to understand what the page is all about.

Since is the driving force behind Facebook’s social search, you can imaging the new Facebook search engine optimization war is inevitable. If you are not in the game, you are way behind your competitors.

What do you need to add open graph to your website?

  • A WordPress blog hosted on your own server with your own domain. (Do not user
  • Basic Knowledge about HTML
  • A Facebook account to administrate your invisible fanpages
  • The actually process is very simple.
  • You add a wordpress plugin to your WordPress Blog.
  • You enable the plugin and setup the plugin
  • You LIKE your own page
  • You invite your friends to LIKE it
  • You manage your own invisible Facebook fanpage

Step 1: Go to your WordPress plugin section and search for “LIKE” plugin by Bottomless. Install the plugin and activate the plugin.


Step 2: Go to LIKE Button Plugin setting page under “Settings” section. Follow the instruction and configure your own LIKE button. The most important thing is to enter your Facebook profile ID.


The easiest way to find your profile ID is to go to one of your Facebook Photo album. Click on one of the album. It will show your profile ID in the browser’s address bar.

For example:[Your profile ID]&aid=####

If you have more than a dozen invisible Facebook fanpage, you will need an APP ID to manage your pages programmably.

Now your blog post will look like this. I choose to show LIKE button on top of blog post and below the title.


Now you can start inviting your friends and reader to like your blog post. You can also like your own blog post to speed up the process. Once it’s LIKED, you can instantly search for in on Facebook Search box.


How to check if the LIKE button is setup correctly?

If anything goes wrong, you should try to copy your blog post URL to the following tools and see if it turns out right. Visit LINTER tool on Facebook.


In part 3: I will cover how to actually use invisible Facebook fanpage to engage with your fans! So stay tune.

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Thank you very much! Hope you enjoy the reading.

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