The secret of invisible Facebook fanpage : Part 2 : Open Graph

First of all, if you are not a fan of my blog, please click on the LIKE button below the big header banner. You will see the invisible Facebook fanpage in action.

If you haven’t read my post about Facebook Fanpage Secret – Part 1, you can read that here.

I have been getting messages on Facebook asking me about the reasons to use invisible Facebook fanpage after I post Part 1 of the secrets.

The short answer is:  Control.

The longer answer is:  Drive traffic to your website and covert your visitors from Facebook on your website.

In part 1, I showed two examples of using invisible Facebook fanpage. Once shows the Facebook social search result of my blog posts. The other one shoes how local businesses were found on Facebook social search. Both search result will lead the visitors to the website directly. In other words, it potentially generates organic search result from Facebook to your website.

Still not sure about invisible Facebook fanpage?

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The secret of invisible Facebook fanpage : Part 1 : Social Search



The secret of invisible Facebook fanpage : Part 2 : Open Graph

Really? Is there a hidden or invisible fanpage on Facebook? Do they really exist? Why should we use invisible fanpage?

There is no doubt that Facebook is now the #1 most visited single domain website on the Internet. People not only have one or more personal profiles, they also have more than one fanpages.

I am currently conducting an experiment using the hidden/invisible fanpage to engage with fans and drive traffic from Facebook to my websites.


Yes. You heard it right. The purpose of using invisible fanpage is to drive traffic to the external website. In theory, it is the greatest tool to monetize the traffic from the largest social network for affiliate marketing, company promotion, new blog post notification and engaging with your fans OUTSIDE of Facebook.

For example, when you like this blog (click on the LIKE button at top of the page below the huge banner), you will become a fan of my hidden/invisible fanpage. Regardless what fanpage you have on Facebook, the first thing you will do after creating your fanpage is to invite people to become your fan by Liking your page! There is no difference to the invisible fanpage. I call it invisible or hidden fanpage, because they are not visible to anyone on Facebook other than the admin of the page. In other words, you can’t see the fanpage’s wall, photos or discussion. All you see is the destination page on the external website. You do, however, see the fanpage update on your news stream on your wall.

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