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For the past few months, Gerri has been my loyal readers for sometimes. He has a blog about “Make Money Online.” Yes. Another make money online blogs. Why not? While many other blogs are talking about how much they have made and how success they were, their methods seem to be too difficult for many bloggers like us. Gerri’s make money blog is a little different. His blog is named Show Me The Money!

He actually gives you the hints and ways to make money online. He is not just passing on those methods; he actually tried many of those. Recently, he asked me question about how I start my new online store at He wants to know how I make money online and he wants to know if it’s worth for other to do the same. So here come his questions from the email.

  • why you goes jewelry
  • how easy or hard it was to set up
  • where your customers are coming from and how you advertise the store
  • where you store you inventory
  • how profitable it is
  • it is worth it

I have answered his questions in the email. I believe he will soon be able to post my answers along with his opinions. If you would like to know about my answers, remember to follow the blog and check out his blog for more. You will be able to learn something new from him.

So show me your money and start earning your own money by doing online business. My true suggestion to all my viewers, who wants to make money online, is to keep your faith. A good online business takes time to build up.

Are you still thinking about make money online? What are you waiting for? Are you going to ask the same question few years later?

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