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In just about one and half days, I will be on my way to a new journey. I will be traveling to Asia again. Last year, my wife and I spent 7 months hanging out in grant China. See my travel posts. We were so happy that we both quit out job and became backpacker. Earlier this year, we went to Asia again, spent few months enjoying our life, brought back some treasures and started my new fashion Jewelry business in October. It’s been two months already. Now I am so ready to start a new journey and hopefully to bring more treasures back to fertilize my newly planted tree. It’s going to be either my new treasure hunting journey or bring back for seeds.

It’s like planting a tree and watching it grows. It’s all about achieving one thing at a time.

When it’s tall enough to boom beautiful flowers and to produce the fruits, it’s time to move on and plant the second tree. I have been dreaming exactly the same picture as above. There is no one in the world except me and my wife. We have green grass and one little fountain. I drink the water and watch the blue sky. We started with one tree and now there is second one, third one and so on.

I plan to see my own forest one day. I want this forest to be able to feed all creatures in it. It’s like the Amazon forest. At the end, all leafs will turn into green cash. :-) So everyone in the forest is happy. This dream sounds very unreal to my parents. They thought that I am totally crazy and got very disappointed. However, my wife truly believes in me, which make me energized.

I have a lot of works to do to plant all the trees and make my own forest. I am hoping everyone reading my blog is doing the same things to their life. Plant one tree at a time. I am also hoping to bring back some more creative business ideas (seeds) to share with everyone.

Earlier today, I said that I was a little bit behind my dream in the post “Are you acting fast enough to be ahead of your dream?” That is true. I have been spending too much time enjoying the shade under one of the trees. I slow down my pace. Now, I have had enough rest. I should pick up my backpack and go on my journey again.

I am hoping to keep up with one post a day. I don’t want to lose my readership while I am gone. So I am asking my viewers to contribute guest posts. If you can write about your own experience to motivate others, you are welcome to send your post to me. I will post it to my blog and credit back to your blog. You can write another post to trackback to the post on my blog. So my reader will be able to follow up with you.

I wish everyone a very happy and success holiday season. At the end of this post, I would like to invite everyone reading this post to stop by my fashion jewelry store and pick up your Christmas gift for yourself or other half.

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  1. says

    Have a great trip in China!

    Starting new ventures is always a stressful time. What makes it easier is if you already have created other businesses that are doing well; they already provide income, so you’re not risking it all if the new business doesn’t work.

    Good Luck!

  2. says

    i very much enjoy reading about your travels, and wish you best of luck on them. China is a beautiful country, but unfortunately they treat animals in a very bad way. Some of the things they do with animals for entertainment is barbaric and disguisting. I hope they do something about that.

  3. says

    My brother and his wife are going in China in February (her family is from China) but I’m not sure which part. Have fun!

  4. Terence Chang says


    Thank you! I will try to do that 7 things when I come back.


    You are right, it’s not easy to be your own boss. I love to use money to make money.


    Thank you so much. I will miss you too.


    You have Chinese in your family? China is a big country. Thank you!


    Yeah have a farmer in my forest is already in my plan. I am just hoping no one will ever cut down the tree. 😉

  5. says

    Very well said Terence,you are right one tree at a time!
    Have a safe trip and I guess me and my husband will follow you and your wife’s footsteps :-)!

  6. Terence Chang says


    Thanks! Yes. I have very lovely and supportive wife.


    China is a great country for sure!

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