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Well. As much as I know about Internet and make good living online, I often miss something value important. Just about to head out for a hangout meeting, I found someone followed me on my Tumblr LIVE TO TELL blog. I went to check out his/her blog and find something interesting. You can now sell ads or affiliate program on my blog post image. This opens a new world to people like me, who love to share photos. This could be a new income stream for high traffic website.

The image hove over Ad is provided by

As you can see, I can add a little French coffee maker in the photo I took days ago. It also allow me to add extra annotation and text ad. Only time will tell if it works or not. There is one downside, the Javascript from is loaded slowly. So your visitor may not see it before they leave your site.

On the other hands, I finally decided to give an animated Google+ cover photo a try. This isn’t going to be my last one, but it does capture people’s attention when they land on your Google+ profile page.

Animated Google+ Cover Photo

You simply create a multi-layer photo shop image and port that into the ImageReady program. You set the time frame and export to an animated GIF image. Wala.

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