Lavender Rose Bangle – The best gift for pretty ladies and young girls

In 2006, my wife and I took 6 months vacation and traveled to Taiwan, Hong Kong and China. We have had so much awesome time and fun backpacking. We went to many cities in China and saw many beautiful nature. Of course, we have to get some souvenirs back. One of the souvenirs are the nature lavender rose bangle. It’s real stone. It’s often categorized as Jade for it’s uniquness. It’s not a glass.

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We don’t really know what the English name of this type stone. Chinese called it Lavender Rose Bangle, because of it’s color and pattern. It’s a prefect gift for pretty ladies and young girls. It’s definitely beautiful on women’s wrist. Here is one of the photo I took.

As you can see. Under the certain light condition and angle, you can see the pattern of the bangle. The color is between pink and purple. The fake glass bangle will not have those nature stone pattern. Every single bangles have their own pattern. Also, the longer time you wear the bangle, the dark purple and prettier color it will get. The fake class bangle won’t change at all. My wife have one for few years now. You can see the color getting darker purple and prettier.

In the above picture, the bangle on the left is the one my wife wears for years. The right bangle is the new one. We hand picked ourselves from hundreds. Since we traveled with backpack, we could not get all thousands back. It’s really hard for us to pick just few from thousands. They all look great. We spent whole day picking only the best 20 from thousands. Now we decided to put it on the web, we only have 16 bangles left at the moment or writing. If you are interested in purchasing them, please make sure you pick the right size. Every single one are different. The inside diameter, outside diameter and thickness are all different. Since it’s all unique bangle, I can only offer it as first come first get.

You can see the list of bangles and buy them from the following link.

Click the following link to buy –

Purchase Lavender Rose Bangle for pretty ladies and young girls – ONLY FEW LEFT!

Here are few more photos I took. You can click on the picture to enlarge the photo.

At the end, we are planning our other trip to China this Summer. We are hoping to bring more souvenirs back. This time we will be sure to save more space in our backpack.

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