Lavender Rose Bangle – The best gift for pretty ladies and young girls

In 2006, my wife and I took 6 months vacation and traveled to Taiwan, Hong Kong and China. We have had so much awesome time and fun backpacking. We went to many cities in China and saw many beautiful nature. Of course, we have to get some souvenirs back. One of the souvenirs are the nature lavender rose bangle. It’s real stone. It’s often categorized as Jade for it’s uniquness. It’s not a glass.

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We don’t really know what the English name of this type stone. Chinese called it Lavender Rose Bangle, because of it’s color and pattern. It’s a prefect gift for pretty ladies and young girls. It’s definitely beautiful on women’s wrist. Here is one of the photo I took.

As you can see. Under the certain light condition and angle, you can see the pattern of the bangle. The color is between pink and purple. The fake glass bangle will not have those nature stone pattern. Every single bangles have their own pattern. Also, the longer time you wear the bangle, the dark purple and prettier color it will get. The fake class bangle won’t change at all. My wife have one for few years now. You can see the color getting darker purple and prettier.

In the above picture, the bangle on the left is the one my wife wears for years. The right bangle is the new one. We hand picked ourselves from hundreds. Since we traveled with backpack, we could not get all thousands back. It’s really hard for us to pick just few from thousands. They all look great. We spent whole day picking only the best 20 from thousands. Now we decided to put it on the web, we only have 16 bangles left at the moment or writing. If you are interested in purchasing them, please make sure you pick the right size. Every single one are different. The inside diameter, outside diameter and thickness are all different. Since it’s all unique bangle, I can only offer it as first come first get.

You can see the list of bangles and buy them from the following link.

Click the following link to buy –

Purchase Lavender Rose Bangle for pretty ladies and young girls – ONLY FEW LEFT!

Here are few more photos I took. You can click on the picture to enlarge the photo.

At the end, we are planning our other trip to China this Summer. We are hoping to bring more souvenirs back. This time we will be sure to save more space in our backpack.

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  1. says

    wow, like your backpacking and traveling life. I wish i could too, but i’m still a student. But i guess Asian seldom backpacking n traveling for such a long time, 6 months..

    And your bangles here are beautiful, i’m Chinese, therefore if i said your bangles are beautiful then they are definitely beautiful. LOL

  2. Terence Chang says

    Well … It takes a lot of guts to quite job and go on vacation. I have been working from home for half year now. Will be going to China again late this year. I hope to bring some more good stuff back.

    Yes. Those bangles are really pretty. Too bad, that I can wear it. I am a man! 😉

  3. jas says

    hi,i had receive the bangle which i bought from you and i m from singapore,the bangle is indeed very pretty and i like the colour alot..the measurement of the bangle provided is also accurate,oh i m just curious because i never wear a jade bangle before,is jade weight really so light ,jade alway give me the impression that it is heavy when i saw those older ladies wearing those type of green jade..

  4. Terence Chang says


    I am glad that you love that bangle. As I said, I hand pick them myself. The longer you wear the bangle, the darker and prettier purple it will turn to. The darker one showing on my store with hand, that is what my wife are wearing now. Yes. You are right. Lavender rose bangle are lighter. They are from different type jade stone. The green jade contains a lot more iron in the stone and is suppose to be a lot more heavier.

    You need to be very careful, when buying green type jade. It’s very easy to fake it and make it looks very pretty. Which means the color of green or pattern can be artificially added to the jade. People breach, or die the color with laser to the jade. Especially those jade appear with green, yellow and blue color.

    Anyway, I am happy that you love the bangle. Is there any chance that you can take a photo of it with you or with in on your wrist. You can email that to me.

    Thank you so very much! Enjoy it!

  5. jas says

    wow so u are expert in choose jade ? ok i try to take a pic on my wirst and email to what is the email add?

  6. Terence Chang says


    I have learned a lot about how to pick the jade, while traveling in China years ago. Since you are in SG, you should be able to find Jade near by. Just make sure to ask them what grade of the Jade is. There are A, B and C. B means the jade is bleached. C means it’s added with artificial color. A means it’s with little or no artificial modification. The same Jade in grade A could be much more expensive than grade B and C. In the auction market, B and C are worthless.

    I will send you an email from the online store. You can simply reply that to me with your photos and compliment.

    Thank you so much!

  7. Terence Chang says


    I am unable to send you email to your email address. Please contact me through the contact form and let me know what email I can use to reach you. Thanks!

  8. jas says

    so the lanvender rose bangle which i had bought belong to which grade?i m just curious to know. ok i try to send my another email address through the contact form,but my yahoo email address is a valid email.

  9. Terence Chang says


    I have answered your question to your MSN email. Your Yahoo Email bounce back. Anyway, your lavender rose bangles was made in XiAn, China. You can find out more how lavender rose were graded. It’s actually not a jade. Grade A Jade is rare and very expensive. In many case, they are more expensive than Diamond.

  10. jas says

    thank ,so last question,so is the bangle consider a crystal relate?if my friends ask ,at least i can tell them what m i wearing…

  11. Terence Chang says


    Many people treat lavender rose stone as crystal. It’s very close, but it’s not a crystal. I would say it’s between Yellow Jade and Crystal.

  12. says

    I’ve got to hand it to you for having the guts to take off so much time for an extended vacation (I guess my USA mind says that more than two weeks away and I won’t have a job to return to).

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