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Is it possible to increase Alexa traffic ranking by 5 million points in 10 days? Yes. I did. What does that mean to me? Why I still think that Alexa traffic ranking won’t do any good to my site. Is Alexa traffic ranking too easy to be manipulated? Would you get more benefit from it, if you have high Alexa traffic ranking? Does it drive more traffic to your web site?

For the past 10 days, I was optimizing my WordPress blog to get a better page ranking for the future. I just realized that my Alexa traffic ranking jump up for about 5 million points in 10 days since June 1st, 2007. On June 1st, 2007, my Alexa traffic ranking was 5,857920. On June 2nd, 2007, I post a new blog entry Increase page ranking with diy marketing strategies. On June 8th, 2007, I check my Alexa traffic ranking and my page ranking went up 3 million spots to 2,215,547. Yesterday, I checked my Alexa page ranking again and found it jump up to 1,777,106.

So what have been done to my blog to get this dramatic results? I have seen people post on their blog saying their Alexa traffic page ranking jump from one million to 300K in three weeks. That is a lot longer than my records. So I went back to find out what I have done and what have had happened in the past few days.

June 1st, 2007.

June 8th, 2007.

June 11th, 2007.

I have thought about what changes I have made to make this happen. First of all, my WordPress blog was not optimized. Not even now. I have a lot to do to make this blog work for the best. So there is not much to do on my blog to help my Alexa traffic page ranking to boost. So what else?

I signed on June 1st, 2007. I also signed up, and All of them are sort of social networking for blogger. Since the date I signed up and, I don’t have many activities and don’t have any friends on my list. I spent most of time on and to add friends and join communities. I followed some of the blogger’s suggestion to add Alexa redirect link to my profile on So whenever visitors click on my page it will redirect to my page through Alexa redirect URL. However, I check my hit counter history for the past few days and decide to remove the redirect URL, since there is less than 1% of my traffic from People check out my profile, but they don’t click on my links. I, somehow, guess that people will be hesitate to click on links says Alexa Redirect. Would you click if you know there is a redirect URL?

So I have eliminate 90% of facts that might generate such traffic to increase my Alexa traffic page ranking. The only thing left for me to think about is So I dig into my hit counter history. I found more than 50% of my traffic in the last 10 days are from Well. after I post the Increase page ranking with diy marketing strategies, I stumble my own page and made a review. I tag the post to Business/marketing communities. I don’t know if this matters. I see traffic coming in an hours after my post is live.

So for the past 10 days, I got tremendous traffic to my web site from StumbleUpon and 90% of those traffic goes directly into my DIY marketing strategies post, but not to my home page. I figure Alexa update the traffic statistic every 3-4 days. So in the next few days, I should see my traffic page ranking moving up again.

So why I still don’t think Alexa traffic ranking will do anything good to my blog? I agree with few of the bloggers out there. Why Alexa sucks.
3 Reasons Why Alexa Sucks (And They Know It!)

  1. I don’t run advertisement on my blog. High Alexa traffic ranking won’t help me to get revenue through ad.
  2. I don’t rely on Alexa to drive traffic into my blog.
  3. It seems too easy to manipulate Alexa traffic ranking with embedded Alexa redirect.
  4. More people are hating Alexa redirect and refuse to click on redirect link.

At this moment, high Alexa traffic ranking means nothing to me. I, however, am surprised by the funny facts that Alexa traffic ranking drives many people nut. After reading Be A Good Stumbler post, I believe I just did one magic step to register my post to, but I also believe that it’s enough for now. No more post my own post to It might give people impression as spam.

After all, I do believe that StumbUpon drive huge traffic to web site, if you can be a good friends to many people and provide good quality content. People will come to your web site. Page ranking, search engine result won’t mean anything if you can just get traffic from nowhere. So be smart and be positive to put up more quality content. That’s right. That is my next goal.

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