Free Home Phone Service w Google Voice + Obihai

Would you like to save $30 a month by getting rid of you home phone, getting free domestic long distance call in USA and Canada, plus getting low cost international long distance call to many countries out there?

Best of all, this setup can give you much more freedom and take your home phone to go with you. See how I make Free International calls to USA from a moving bus in Taipei, Taiwan.

I recently decided to get rid of my home phone service with CentryLink. It costs me about $30 a month to include local call and free domestic long distance call that I already have on my cell phone and Google voice. Not to mention that home phone doesn’t include two line and text.

So I bought a Obi 110 phone box and connected it with two Google voice phone numbers (one personal and one business). I now can call anywhere in the world with Google Voice at really low cost or no cost.

The bottom line is that I am already using Google Voice for business and to call my parents in Taiwan, my in-laws in Hong Kong  and sub-contractor in China. Why pay extra to get a home phone that I can’t even block telemarketers and spammers. With the Google Voice + Obi 110 phone box and Obitalk, I can do the followings.

  • Use the landline until my contract end with CentryLink.
  • Setup SP1 with Google voice for home phone
  • Setup SP2 with Google voice for business
  • Using Google voice for voicemail, texting and miss call notification
  • Setup speed dial, so I can call my parents in Taiwan with just 3 key press (ex. 2# + talk)
  • I can theoretically make free international long distance call with other obi box users in other countries.
  • I can move to new location/office easily or travel with the light weight phone box, cordless phone and a cable.
  • I can use my computer + gmail to make call when wired Internet is not available.

Google Voice + Obihai 110 VOIP Box + ObiTalk is really the perfect VOIP solutions. It’s not only saving me tons money, it also streamline my day to day operation!

I highly recommend you check out Obihai 110 VOIP phone box on Amazon. I paid $44 + tax + free shipping.

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