Free CASH for your free lunch!


Courtesy of stopnlook - Image Souce: Mixed Cash

Who doesn’t like free CASH? Here is the nice deal in the New Year to win great free cash. Are you lucky enough to win $50.00? Last year, I post a contest that no one attended and no one won. The contest was about giving out a FREE 42 inches flat panel LCD TV. I was thinking to start a new one. My readers from A blog about Nothing steps in and ask me to post this contest for him.

The rule is just as simple as subscribing to his email feed. He will pick a winner from one of the 500 subscribers. That’s it. It might sound impossible, but it actually gives you a chance to win a great amount of cash in just few clicks.

What are you waiting for?

At the mean time, you might also want to subscribe to my email feed as well. If you are interested in becoming an Internet Entrepreneur in the e-commerce world, keep eyes on this blog.

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  1. says

    You just to subscribe and stand a chance to win money, that sounds interesting but the odds are pretty much. Since is free and it looks good why not just try it you might win yourself some cash.

  2. Terence Chang says


    That’s right. Win some free cash is just very easy. Would like to offer one?

  3. says

    Photo credit is wrong – should be: courtesy of stopnlook – with a link back to the original. This would be according to the terms of use on Flickr. Thanks.

  4. Terence Chang says


    Thank you for the correction. Changes has been made and credit has been given as instructed. Thank you for visiting.

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