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If you don’t know what my Fastlane Plan is, you can read it here. It’s been a month, since I post my plan. Now it’s time to give it a little update. This is my newest project from scratch. A brand new web site project that involve with no inventory. It’s a bran new e-commerce platform that will solve other people’s issues and will bring more business to the Internet. It’s going to be a web2.0 project for everyone who want something different.

This post it to response back to Mark Hayward’s great post about setting goals.

Last month, I set goals. I have to admit that I did not reach my monthly goal for the first month. Here they are.

Finish web site coding – This is a mistake. I over estimate the complexity of my project. It’s much more complicate than I expect. I was over estimating my coding speed. I thought I can start from scratch and finish it quick than I can type. I estimate that it will take me 4 months to finish the front end. This will push my goal to another 4 months.

Get the new domain name – Done! It took me a month to come up the DOT COM domain. I have searched over 500 domains and found the one I can finally live with it. It’s short and easy enough to remember.

While working on my web project, I changed the way I used to code. I no longer start everything from scratch. I start using open source PHP framework. It actually speeds up my coding. The downside is that I have to learn the framework. So far, the best PHP framework that fit my need is CodeIgniter. Although it’s primary for PHP4, it still runs on PHP4 with a little tweek.

In the past 30 days, I actually talked to people at local area and get some feedback about my new idea. Surprisingly, I got few of them to line up on my tester list. This is very encouraging. It means there is market demand out there.

What have I learned in the past 30 days?

  1. Never over estimate the simplicity of your idea – a simple idea doesn’t mean it’s simple to do. A good programming require a lot of attention on the detail. Without paying attention on the business logic and security, a program will break for the big time.
  2. There is no perfect plan – Don’t try to do everything perfect. I was spending too much time on some small function and try to create the perfect result. There is always something come up alone the line. So move on to the next step as long as it works OK without known flaws. Come back and adjust the script and correct the logic.
  3. The reality – A goal has to be close to the reality. Don’t expect too much to be done in the very short time frame.

So what is my new goals for this month.

  • Get the major functions done for the P section. 10% Done!
  • Get 10 potential testers to line up.
  • Setup VPS for the new site.
  • Research on Google Service integration

The biggest challenges in front of me!

  • Find third party company to setup conference or web seminar.
  • Creative design and material to represent the whole idea.
  • Internet Marketing strategies to reach out to my potential customers.
  • Legal document and intellectual properties protection.

That’s for now!

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