Brighter Future Of 2013

Are you ready for the new year 2013?

While looking back 2012, I found whole bunch blog posts I did in December 2011. It’s about time to review 2012 and plan out the 2013. Time really goes by so fast.

From the revenue wise, 2012 is a much better year than 2011. However with the main website penalized by Google Panda and Penguin update in late September and two hacked online stores, I did not reach my predicted profit.

What have I learned:

  • Google Isn’t everything. There are other search engines out there that can rank well. Quality and readable content is more important than getting low quality back links or non-sense press release.
  • Focus, focus and focus. I had about 30+ websites in 2011 and 26 domains in 2012. It’s time to cut it down to less than 10 in 2013.
  • Forget about small business. Hanging out with the wrong crowd that never want to grow will drag me down with them.
  • It’s about who you know and who knows you. One simple phone call can make huge difference. Connect and get to know the right contact person is one of the fastest way to get business done!
  • The art of saying NO. Some business owners are just too cheap to deal with. Need to say no and fire the customers that don’t see the value of your services.
  • is a great tool to manage all my tasks in one place.
  • Blogging for money is a big waste of time. Unless you can generate 4M monthly visitors, you won’t be able to make good living by blogging. Obviously, there is NO single person who become billionaire by just blogging. Period.
  • Open Source Isn’t Free. With two online stores hacked and taken down, I’ve not been able to rebuild the store and make a penny. So there is zero profit. It cost time and money to fixed the issues. I should use commercial hosted store for a peace of mind.
  • Health is #1 and Wealth is #2. There is nothing more important than having a healthy body and soul. Money may buy happiness, but you won’t be happy without health. As I become older and older, I need to stay healthy to live wealthy.


2013 Plan:

  • Triple the investment on real estate. RE is still the safest way to invest money and get long term return. I am expecting to get 6%-8% return in 2013.
  • Launch new startup with crowdfunding. I am getting closer to the point to launch new startup project that is targeting mobile usage and big data analysis. It is about time to use other people’s money wisely.
  • Outsource. Doing everything by yourself is the worst enemy to an entrepreneur.
  • Team Up. You can’t work along and succeed. You need the right people!


What is your resolutions for 2013?

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