2007 Yearly Review – Is my success predictable?


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It’s been over one and half years, since I quit my job and became a self-motivated entrepreneur. I never regret what I have done in the past. I don’t look back. I always move forward. However, knowing what I have done and evaluate what I have learned in the past will help me grow and move to the right direction. It’s time to give myself an annual review. I would like to ask myself one critical question.

Is my success predictable?

I have tried to be my own boss and hope to stand out from the crowd in the Internet business world. I want to achieve my goal and be able to travel around the world. Although I have received a great support from my lovely other half, it’s a lonely journey as a self-motivated business owner. I have to get closer to the windows and see the big picture. I move forward one step at a time. My journey is like planting the tree in the desert and is trying to grow them into the forest. I plant one tree at a time.

I would like to know if my success can be predicted. I set goals last year. I would like to evaluate them.

What were my goals for 2007? How did I do?

In 2006, I set goals for 2007 and was hoping to achieve what planned. I think I have done well, but I could do better jobs.

  • Make money online
    Well. I did not make huge profit off my personal blogs. However, I have made some great profit off my online stores. It is very clear that making money online with blog is not right for me. I can do better job and make good money off online e-commerce stores. That’s what I can do the best.
  • Start a new online e-business
    Yes. I did. I have created at lease two online e-commerce stores in 2007. They are both making money now. Although it’s not enough to make me a billionaire, it’s moving forward slowly and firmly.
  • Restart my personal blog
    I was not very active in the blogging world until 2006. My excuses were my availability. I was too busy making money for others as Chief Architect at nQueue.com. Ever since I quit my job, I was able to focus on my own personal blogs. It was a great feeling that I got to know many of the bloggers, who inspired me in many ways. It gave me the strength to move forward as solo business owner. My personal blogs give me the chance to show people who I am and what I do. I am hoping to inspire many others, who want to achieve something in their life time as well.
  • Get my name out to the World
    To be a true successful business man; branding my name is a must. I realize that Internet marketing is something that can help branding me. So I decided to work on brand myself. The first thing is to beat the famous Terence Chang, who has produced many hot movies for Hollywood. Now. many people know my name because I am making some buzz in the blogging world. My name and my web site are pretty much on the first 3 spots on all search engines.

What have I learned?

Be my own boss is not as easy as I expect. It’s very hard. I have to do everything myself. I planned and executed. I changed plan and executed again. I kept changing my strategy and find the best way to lower the cost and earn big. I have learned from other to avoid the same mistakes. It’s a lonely journey. So here are the things I have learned in the past.

  • Knowing what I can do the best is the most important key to the success.
  • Knowing what I can not do is also important to avoid the mistakes.
  • Research, research and research.
  • Internet marketing for making money online is as important as having sex for a man.
  • Don’t be afraid of your competitors. They are your best friends.
  • You are the only one care about your success.
  • Start a new business is not difficult at all. Keep it up is.
  • Deal with Chinese manufacture. Made in China products is not that bad at all.

What are my goals for 2008?

Year 2008 is a critical year. It’s not because the economic changes in China after Olympic game. It’s because the growing pain of my online business. Keep a business running is the most difficult part of being an entrepreneur. I expect to bring my business to the next level.

  • Optimize web store conversion rate to double the profit.
  • Add new web stores and new product lines.
  • Create new web application to help other boost their web site traffic and online store conversion rate.
  • Become fashion jewelry drop shipper.
  • Create opportunities for consulting service outsourcing to China.
  • Be a good example and encourage others to do online e-business.

I think I can do better job next year. I am facing greater challenge, but I got more exciting and willing to take on the challenge. If I can keep my faith and motivation, I can very much predict my success in the near future.

Do you review yourself once a year? Have you reach you goals?

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