100 Day Challenge

I am a big G+ fan. I've met many great like-minded entrepreneurs on Google+. So I recently started a new Google+ collection called "Startup & Entrepreneurship". My goal is to share my finding, my progress and hopefully help someone succeed in … [Read more]

Using QQ Mail For Corporation Email

It's been a very long time since I pretty much use Gmail to handle all my personal and business emails. I even use Google Domains to host my domains and handle email forwarding. Recently, I have asked by client to setup domain email for their … [Read more]

Self Improvement With Branded Value

Well. It's been a while since my last update. I've been extremely busy in improving my skillsets to add value to what I do for living. I now am a Google trusted business photographer, which allows me to add extra value to help local business grow. … [Read more]

New Tricks For The Old Geek

Well. As much as I know about Internet and make good living online, I often miss something value important. Just about to head out for a hangout meeting, I found someone followed me on my Tumblr LIVE TO TELL blog. I went to check out his/her blog and … [Read more]